Friday, January 11, 2013

Opening Doors

Being popular as a teenager was a game I couldn't play. The rules of being accepted were often beyond my reach and understanding. For example, I was never going to be able to sustain a size 5, nor was I willing to experiment with my opportunities. I resigned to a lot of negative nonsense going into my sophomore year. I was witness to loosing my Dad only a few months prior and trying to impress my peers was way out of my Maslow reach.

A week before this last Christmas, I read a magnet at a feedstore stating, "I will take a willing horse over a pretty one". Being popular growing up never put me in touch with people willing to work towards the benefit of each other, typically their intentions were the opposite. Personal gain, no worries about others pain. The world I have now happily immersed in reflects that willing, trusting horse while stepping away from "pretty" one.

Being a connector allows me to open doors I never thought possible for myself and much less my friends. Today I and a beautiful opportunity come across my desk that tomorrow morning I have an alarm set to introduce a few folks to their opportunity and see who bites and who fits. Beautiful. From job opportunities to new friendships I have been crafting new ways to stitch my ever growing new connections together to create a healthy supportive and willing tribe.


  1. This is very beautifully written and very introspective. You have a wonderful blog :)

  2. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a kind remark!


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