Thursday, January 31, 2013

Disney Fed Me Unrealistic Expectations

Here I go blaming Disney for setting me up for failure. When in reality it wasn't Disney, fairy tales or even the media that poured my relationship perspective foundation, or was it?

The grand adventure of a girl, most often a princess finding herself falling for Mr. Right under grim circumstances is always entertaining. Yet, Disney can't really believe that romance that bloomed during such dire circumstances automatically means the story can end on a happily ever after tone?


I bet I could find a research grant to prove that adventure, brave deeds of heroism, or even being a princess does NOT guaranteed happily ever after.

Marriage, like any relationship built on an unstable foundation is eventually going to crack, erode and sometimes even wash away.

Enter in UP, a Disney movie that in the beginning tells a heart warming story that got it right. Simple lives that are spent nurturing friendship is a life of genuine love and one that will create an inspiring legacy. 

 ** WARNING: I personally can't watch the following video 
without streams of tears pouring down my face **


Kudos to Disney for sharing a story that depicts a marriage with such a beautiful friendship, shared dreams and heartfelt love.

What Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel will eventually find is that they have a hunger that won't be satisfied by dragons slayed, riches or even amazing hair. They will find that only time spent tenderly developing a friendship through the sunny days, rainy ones, frozen ground and ups and downs will produce a continuing bloom of happily ever afters.

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