Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Getting Squished! Heartburn

The last few weeks have been fluffed and stuffed to the brim. There is hardly any room in schedules, in my mind or even in my body. It seems like everything is being squished and squeezed. Keeping emotions, thoughts, and life balanced can be a bit of a circus act.

Pregnancy Heartburn
Thursday, Eli's guts decided to loudly disagree with the previous evening's potluck food. I jumped into traffic a little after five, picked up Eli and arrived home shortly before 9. Got Eli a few bites to eat, made him a nest on the couch as he battled out a migraine and tried to sleep.

By then I was experiencing my first encounter with heartburn. Before 10, I had started on a twelve hour journey of praying to the porcelain gods. Unable to keep anything down for more than a few moments, I reached out to my midwife nervous about my condition.

After a quick call with Ann, she recommended I take quick dissolving Calcium/Carbonate aka Smoothie Tums. "Works in seconds..." it says. I chewed a few, worked on a few bites of frozen Jamba juice and recovered from what felt like being kicked by a mule in the ribs.

After getting sick a few dozen times my emotional balancing skills were wavering. I got worked up over how this was effecting my little one, and how little she had gotten to eat since I spiraled into this. I even went down the mental route of how scary the hospital sounded, being pumped with fluids, given anti-nausea meds and who knows what else. I once again, took a deep breath, and stopped poking around the web. My midwife reassured me saying baby was OK, and that this heartburn followed by spontaneous vomiting is can happen, take some tums, relax and get some rest.

I took Friday off work. Around 2PM I made progress keeping little bits of food, Jame Juice and canned peaches down. I spent my whole day without moving more than a couple feet from my couch nest. Eli tended to me all day while I watched movies like Robin Hood Men in Tights, and Tales of Earthsea

The trick since Friday has been taking a couple tums, and grazing. Annie's Cheddar Bunnies have become a snacking staple. 

Sharing The Space

Beyond my midwife's office I have only found one other place with good internal diagrams of a pregnant woman's body. Specifically with organs, this blew me away as I had no idea those adorable bums pregnant woman packed around were really squishing just about everything else in their body up into their rib cage.

Before Pregnancy:
28 Weeks Pregnant:

See, it is all squished! Squeezed in there trying to do the best job it can sharing space while the baby happily dances around in her luxury condo. Well, maybe it doesn't have granite countertops

Thankfully even though I am still experiencing a little heartburn here and there I have been able to manage it with grazing during the day on snacks, and taking Tums. 

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