Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Appreciating Space

Every Tuesday Jaime my yoga instructor, asks all of her students to silently set an intention for that evening's practice. I don't think I have ever been asked that question and not had something come to me instantly. Always it is a single word strongly related to various things going on in my life, words like patience, forgiveness and joy have revealed themselves to me. Strong words that indeed I draw from during the times I tremble or loose my breathe during challenging poses. 

Last night, my intention was solidly "space". The word came to me after feeling squished, scrunched and pushed in many different directions mentally, emotionally and even physically. The word summoned up a strong sense of, "I have and will always have space, to share but most importantly to cherish".

Settling into the fact that there is always space. Even while baby grows bigger, stronger and her dance moves get more complex I need to remember that there will always be space for a deep breath. During yoga, Jaime has us put our right hand on our belly, our left hand on our heart, gently close our eyes and breath. First breathing into the belly, expanding and feeling a deep breathe and the right hand rise, then filling the lungs and feeling the left hand rise. 

As simple as it sounds it is reassuring and centering. 

For anyone expecting yoga is a treat, it is a time dedicated not only to stretching physically but creating space mentally and emotionally. I leave each week with a little more patience and a refreshed sense of appreciation.

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